Marijuana types

Here we discuses about mainly Types of Marijuana. Nature offers us naturally three types of cannabis plants, which can be labeled as Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis Ruderalis. Each of these varieties has specific patterns that help us know which type of plant in our hands and what their effects when consume.

Types Cannabis

If we are looking for a variety (a plant) with effect "triggers", euphoric, happy, creative, energy, appetite stimulants or antidepressants, our best option is to grow a variety sativa or predominantly sativa hybrid. Sativa varieties generally have this set of effects or any part of this group, when they are consumed in proper measure.

If instead you are looking for more physical effects, relaxing level, our best option is to grow a variety (ground) or a hybrid Indica with Indica predominance. These varieties have more relaxing effects, both mental and physical level. Many provide a narcotic, sedative.

Suppose we have no experience in growing marijuana or do not have the time to attend to our plants, then the auto-flowering varieties are our best option, these come from crosses with Ruderalis, which provides that special feature that makes the plant does not require specific lighting cycles to flourish. Although these varieties are only recommended for outdoor marijuana crops.

There are countless varieties of indica, sativa or ruderalis, we see that characterizes for identification

Cannabis sativa:

Originating in America (Mexico, Jamaica, Colombia ....), Asia (Thailand, Nepal ....) And Africa (Congo ....) Are very tall plants, elongated and large internodal distances. They have thin leaves with fine and elongated leaflets. They are very different from cannabis plants indica leaves for example. In temperate and tropical climates .... They are where better grow and bloom.

Its flowering cycles vary from ten weeks to fifteen weeks, so that their cultivation is not recommended for inexperienced growers. During flowering usually they triple their size and even more so the height can be a big problem in crops inside if not control growth or apply any specific pruning: Pruning Marijuana plants

Its flavors are varied, from the typical and claimed incensed to more complex flavors like spices, spicy.

Its effects are mainly brain, depending on the variety, creativity go from euphoria or appetite stimulation. Usually they provide very social and active effects, although some varieties also offer something introspective and paranoid effects.

Cannabis Indica:

Originating in India and Pakistan mainly are medium-sized plants with shorter than Sativa varieties internodal distances. They have broad leaves with wide, shorter than Sativa varieties leaflets. Many times when we see a growing Indica plant, compared with a lettuce, due to the width of the leaves.

Its flowering cycles are around seven or eight weeks, its cultivation is not as complicated as with the more sativa varieties so they can recommend a large number of growers. During the flowering cycle usually just double their height, so you grow them indoors is not a problem. Indica varieties better resist cold and wet climates that sativa varieties ..

Its flavors are varied, predominantly floral and fruity fans are sweeter flavor varieties usually but can also offer large and deep earthy and woody flavors.

Its effects are mainly physical, relaxing and sometimes indicated for pain medicinally, especially muscle aches. Highly recommended to relax or sleep.

Cannabis Ruderalis:

Originating in Liberia and Siberia are very low plants, with low-rise flat. Such variety of features not pinpoint a specific light cycle to start flowering. They are widely used for hybrid varieties with Indica or Sativa and get what we now know as auto-flowering varieties. Since they are germinated until they are harvested it can take three months or four.


It is known as hybrid variety to all those that are the result of cross between sativa and indica varieties or hybrid cross between others. They may have sativa, indica dominant features or maintain a good balance between the two. Because we know about parenting to determine their growth and flowering cycles, production, etc ... it is impossible to determine without knowing more details the variety itself.

Usually hybrids are stronger than pure (sativa or indica) and in many cases, many varieties have better results than pure varieties. You can find out what types of effects presents each variety: Effects of Marijuana.

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