Medical Marijuana

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Medical marijuana also known as medical cannabis is used to define the use of cannabis and cannabinoids within the cannabis for either improving symptoms or treating the disease.
Unfortunately; thanks to numerous product restrictions, marijuana as a medicine hasn’t been tested with vigor in the scientific field. In this light, there is very minimal evidence to prove that marijuana can be used effectively for the following:
      Improve the appetite in patients suffering from HIV/AIDS
      Effectively treat chronic pain including muscle spasms
      Minimize vomiting and nausea while undergoing chemotherapy treatment
Besides; cannabis use for various medical applications is not sufficient to conclude beyond reasonable doubt about efficacy and its safety.
Clinical trials and studies, however, show that cannabis short term use elevates minor and major adverse effects. Some of the numerous documents side effects of medical marijuana use include hallucinations, dizziness, vomiting and feeling overly tired.
That said; however, the long-term impact of cannabis use remain unclear.
The effects that have picked interest that could end up being long term effects include; cognition and memory problems, schizophrenia in young adults, addiction, high risk of children using marijuana!
Introduction of Marijuana in Modern Medicine

William Brooke O’Shaughnessy, an Irish physician, is recognized as the man behind the introduction of cannabis for therapeutic use to Western Medicine. 
Dr. Brooke introduced marijuana into medicine for the treatment of general pain, muscle spasms, and stomach cramps.
in 1964, Manley West and Albert Lockhart started studying the health effects attributed to traditional marijuana use in Jamaican communities.
Their research lead to the development of ‘Canasol’ in 1987 which was later marketed as the first cannabis extracts for medical purposes.
Cannabinoids Use In Medicine

CBD and THC are the main marijuana cannabinoids that have been approved for medical purposes. CBD is used for suppressing pain and inflammation, treating addictions mental illness and for the control of epileptic seizures.
THC, on the other hand, reduces nausea and increases appetite. THC is an agent that is used in decreasing swelling and redness, lowering pain levels, inflammation and muscle problems.

Types of Weed

Below we look at several, different medical marijuana strains.

Indica Marijuana Strains: The Indica plants genetics originates from Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. The strain’s primary use was for hashish production. The Indica strain sets a heavier, sedating stone that is often used to relieve pain.
The strain is smoked mostly by people wanting to relieve pain in their joints and other parts of the body.

Hybrid Marijuana Strains: These are familiar strains nowadays. The hybrid strain comes from efforts of combining and bettering favorable genetics. The combines strains help in addressing several problems at the same time.
The hybrid strain can alleviate pain, nausea, etc.

Sativa Marijuana Strains: Strains that are accredited with their high cerebral uplifting, these strains are quite popular with recreational users and the medical marijuana community. Cannabis sativa strains are extensively for anxiety relief, muscle tension relief, depression relief, etc. 


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